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Remote Resources

Is your pharmacy operation having a difficult time complying with CMS standards?

In some states, CMS has begun citing non-compliant hospitals who have not implemented processes to ensure all first dose medication orders be reviewed by a Pharmacist prior to administration. Most hospitals have sufficient pharmacy staff to cover during peak times; but now need to increase coverage hours to comply with new regulations aimed at improving medication safety and reducing nurse overrides. Hospitals trying to utilize current staff to provide this increased coverage will soon find themselves faced with increased costs due to overtime; thus eventually causing staff burnout and/or turnover. PharmaCare Remote Resources can simplify this process by providing remote services for 24/7 coverage, on-demand order review and processing, and remote emergency staffing.

How the Service Works:

After a medication order is written, it will be faxed or scanned to our Remote Pharmacy Service Center - a licensed pharmacy. Orders are placed in queue with STAT orders given priority. Our remote pharmacists log into your hospital’s pharmacy computer system through a secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant connection, review and enter the order, and document clinical consultations. If your hospital uses profiled automated dispensing cabinets, the medication is automatically approved for the nurse to access. If not, Nursing will be contacted and notified that the medication orders have been reviewed and deemed appropriate for the patient.

PharmaCare Remote Resources Can Provide:

  • Remote order processing (after hours & weekends)
  • Pharmacy coverage with remote staffing
  • Assistance during peak demand hours
  • Priority Processing of STAT orders
  • Seamless service levels with your onsite pharmacy coverage

Value Proposition:

  • Low start-up cost
  • Proprietary information system
  • Transparent pricing model/structure
  • Multiple coverage and pricing options tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Predictable labor cost
  • Avoidance of medication errors
  • Significant reduction in overrides
  • Reduces overtime
  • Significantly reduce PRN staffing expenses
  • The Joint Commission, CMS and State Board Compliance
  • Guaranteed coverage on holidays, sick days and vacations
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