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Pharmacy Consulting

PharmaCare Services understands that every hospital pharmacy is in need of assistance in different areas. When consulting with a pharmacy we look to identify the areas in need of improvement. Our scope extends from operational analysis to competency programs. Working towards improving the overall structure of a pharmacy takes time and attention to detail. Our consultations provide hospital pharmacies with the opportunity to target their weaknesses and begin to thrive.

Are you overwhelmed in the pharmacy? Operational issues? Financial concerns? Too many projects?

PharmaCare Services is dedicated to your organization and will operate with your best interest at the forefront of the engagement. PharmaCare Services will work in tandem, with your administrative team and develop a strategic plan while achieving your specific goals and meeting the challenges that we have identified. Ultimately, PharmaCare Services will be your “go-to” team, always prepared to assist your organization.

Operational Challenges:

  • Lack of Leadership
  • Unclear Objectives
  • Time Management Issues
  • Below Industry Standards

Consulting Solutions:

  • Complete Operational and Financial Assessment
  • TJC preparedness
  • 340b Implementation or Optimization
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Automation - Assessment or Project Leadership
  • Product Master development and support
  • Operational system analysis
  • Purchasing and Contract compliance
  • Inventory Management Optimization
  • Pharmacy builds and new facility development
  • Formalize disaster preparedness
  • Staff competencies and training
  • Master Development & Support
  • Pharmacy Construction & Remodeling
  • Operational System Analysis
  • Purchasing Compliance
  • Staff Evaluations
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